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PREVIEW: A National Studio Project 2021-22

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

View progress work here from students participating A National Studio Project (2021-22)

Samantha Miotto + Emily McCarthy-Bachetti | University of Toronto

May Chiang + Luis Bendezu Carbajal | University of Toronto

Marie-Ève Hamon + Mona Gulibeault | Université de Montréal

Craig Klomp | University of Guelph

Margot Kopache | University of Guelph

Lilian Gorchinski - ‘A Walk to the North’ Collage exercise. Initial perception of Northern Manitoba | University of Manitoba

Conrad Jabo - ‘Hudson Bay, Beluga Whale Activity + Bathymetry’ GIS mapping exercise | University of Manitoba

Adinna Vergara - ‘Soil and Ecozones’ GIS mapping exercise | University of Manitoba

Alyssa Auch - ‘Churchill Vegetation and Animals’ GIS mapping exercise | University of Manitoba

Ruby Barnard + Caleb Spyksma | University of British Columbia

Sabrina Careri + Katharine Luo | University of British Columbia

Tess Adebar + Heidi Evans | University of British Columbia


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