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2019 Survey of Academic Researchers

Updated: May 9, 2021

The survey sought to gather and disseminate information on publications and grants. It aimed to understand where landscape architecture academics in Canada have published their works and from what organizations they have obtained research grants, both within Canada and Internationally. The L|T Design Research Network aimed to collect this information to share on their website, for landscape architecture academics, students of landscape architecture, and others across Canada and beyond to reference. The publishers and grant sources used by landscape architecture academics are listed, such that our community can gain a picture of where and how we mobilize our knowledge.

View the results here

This work was completed by Professor Alissa North and Morgan Quinn, MLA student (2021) at the University of Toronto, with Professor Heather Braiden at Dalhousie University, and with Professor Marcella Eaton at the University of Manitoba.

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